How it works?

To connect your card, simply choose your preferred design, place your order, and click on "connect card" at checkout. This will open a Fidesmo window where you can complete the connection process. In case you accidentally close the window, you can also find the "connect card" button in your order confirmation email. Please note that your ring cannot be used for payments until it is received and activated.


Please note, you need to connect card after the checkout before your order being shipped, otherwise you will need Android phone (Apple doesn't allow card provisioning on iOS) to connect yourself using the Fidesmo app.

Compatible cards

CNICK has partnered with Fidesmo Pay, a payment service provider that collaborates with a variety of banks. Customers can connect their supported payment cards from these banks to their CNICK ring, enabling them to make payments anywhere VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

    How to connect the card?

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